Why Choose a Granite Sink?

One of the most used components in your home is the kitchen sink. If yours has started to show its age and is becoming difficult to keep clean or leaking, consider a granite sink as a replacement. Growing in popularity, these types of sinks offer many benefits that make them a viable option from the standards of stainless steel, cast iron and porcelain.

Environmental and Safety Factors

In modern times, safety and the environment have become important issues. While granite may be a natural resource, it is a common and plentiful igneous rock. When used for countertops and other products, it is crushed with quartz and mixed with a polymer to make it hard and durable. Since it is a stone material, it is naturally durable and resistant to heat and stains. If you install a granite sink, it also means that you have a fixture that is resistant to bacteria. Some companies even mix in ions during the curing process to make them 99% antibacterial. They are also resistant to scratching and acids from cleaners and food.

Stylish Options

Safety aside, aesthetics are always a consideration. Luckily, these types of sinks are available in a multitude of colors, enabling you to create a seamless look with the rest of the kitchen. Since it is stone, you also get a unique element that sets it apart from the rest. Whether you want a matte finish or a little texture for some flair, you can easily find the perfect match. Regardless of which will look best in your kitchen, you can be confident that you are getting a durable product that requires minimal maintenance yet looks sophisticated.

Before replacing your kitchen sink with a newer version of the older one, it’s important to see what options are available. A granite sink is becoming a popular one that can complement your unique style while still having the functionality you expect.