The Elements of a Successful Bathroom Renovation


Whether you plan to sell your home soon and want to increase its value, need more space for your growing family or just want to improve your home for your own purposes, a bathroom renovation is always a good place to start. Bathroom remodels can be done quickly and without a lot of resources. However, if you’re not careful, you may end up creating the dreaded wasted space. To avoid wasted space, and to maximize your home’s existing space, consider what makes a great bathroom.


Ample Storage

You store a lot of unsightly, small and random objects in your bathroom. Everything from extra bottles of shampoo to rolls of toilet paper, and stacks of towels to medicines, must have a home. To avoid running out of space to store your bathroom essentials, or having to stick the medicines in with the towels, invest in a vanity with drawers or beneath-the-sink storage and recessed cabinets. The recessed cabinets won’t take away from your bathroom’s space, but they will create ample storage.


Double Features

If you’re undertaking a master bathroom renovation, consider adding double sinks, and even a toilet room. The double sinks allow couples to have their own space without taking up a whole new room to provide for it, and the toilet room can offer privacy while still allowing another person to go about their other bathroom business, such as brushing their teeth or getting ready for work.



Do you mostly shower and hardly ever bathe, or do you enjoy a nice hot bath every weekend? Your answer to this will dictate whether you need space for a shower/bath combo or whether you can get away with installing just a shower. A standalone shower can save you ample space, but it may not be worth it if it means you don’t get your weekly relaxation.


Before undertaking a bathroom renovation, think through the logistics. Though storage and space aren’t typically what homeowners get excited about, you will be thankful once you have room to hide your toiletries and still enough space to move around.