Kitchen Countertop Materials For Your Home

When picking kitchen countertops for your home remodel, it is important to consider durability, cost, and style. Ten of the best types of countertop are listed below:

  1. Laminate

Laminate will save you money while providing a variety of styles. It is not very durable and without proper care, it can become easily stained or burnt.

  1. Quartz

A quartz countertop provides you with a nonporous surface that is resistant to scratches and burns. It is expensive but it is a beautiful low-maintenance option to include in your home.

  1. Granite

Granite provides you with many unique options. The smooth, cool stone makes any countertop look chic and is great for baking. It requires regular upkeep so that it does not get stained.

  1. Butcher Block

A butcher block is an economic choice.  It is made from wood so it can be sanded to remove scratches. It also requires regular disinfecting.

  1. Solid Surfacing

This engineered material is costly and durable. It is also customizable with a variety of colors and textures for your kitchen countertops.

  1. Soapstone

Soapstone is a softer, nonporous stone surface. It requires more maintenance than other options since it can scorch or scratch more easily without proper care.

  1. Concrete

This is a more expensive but easily customizable option. It requires upkeep such as sealing.

  1. Recycled Material

This is an environmentally friendly choice for your kitchen. It is more cost effective while reusing materials such as glass or wood. Its durability depends on the type of surface.

  1. Carrara Marble

This is another stone option that is a reasonable cost. It is not very durable and can easily be stained. However, marble is a stylish option for your home.

  1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a durable surface that will provide a modern look to your kitchen. It can easily be wiped down and will provide a sleek look with less work.

There are many things to consider when choosing kitchen countertops. A professional contractor can help you evaluate the best material to fit your home and lifestyle.