Custom or Stock Cabinets – Which to Choose?

Thinking about upgrading your kitchen cabinets? If you’ve already done any research into the options, you’ve probably already stumbled across the first decision you’ll need to make to find the perfect match for your home: choosing between stock and custom cabinets. While cabinets that are customized to your needs certainly sound like a treat for your home, stock cabinets have their benefits as well. Learning a bit about each option before making your final decision is always a good idea.


As you’d expect, custom cabinets are tailored specifically for your needs as a homeowner. Regardless of what challenges you face with your kitchen layout, entertainment center needs or just storage options, you’re guaranteed to get exactly what you’ve been looking for. Designer pulls and knobs, silent hinges, soft-closing doors and several other options make these types of cabinets stand out from the rest as a superior option for the modern homeowner.

The only downsides to choosing custom installations is that they can be more expensive and can take a while for your installation company to build or obtain, which could leave your kitchen or other space out of commission longer than you’d like.


Stock cabinets might not seem to have as much glitz and glamour as custom options, but they have their charms as well. These cabinets are produced in mass quantities, and are therefore more likely to be ready to go when you want them installed. They’re assembly-ready, so there’s no tedious waiting-around, either.

While you’re a bit more limited to the styles you can choose, you’ll usually still be able to find a match or something close to a style you’ve been wanting to include in your space, as manufacturers attempt to keep up with modern home design trends.

Learning about the types of cabinets available to you during your next update can help you to ensure that you’re happy with your purchase both in the near future and for years to come.