Care for Your Granite and Marble Countertops to Avoid Replacement

In designer homes, kitchen remodels and upscale buildings, natural stone has become more of a popular choice for countertops. Granite & marble countertops, for instance, tend to be among the most popular natural stone counters. Traditional vinyl, laminate or synthetic countertops are becoming more outdated. Granite and marble, however, can maintain their appearance for years.

Pros and Cons of Marble and Granite

When it comes to granite, it is extremely durable and chemical resistant. This is true, even compared to marble. Granite will withstand chemicals and higher temperatures with more ease than marble. It also doesn’t chip or crack easily. Marble is softer, so it may not stand up to chemicals as well as granite but it is not as porous. No matter which you choose, however, there are ways to protect your countertops from damage.

Ways to Protect Marble and Granite

When you choose marble or granite, you are investing in natural stone that should last you for years. The major factor in how long it lasts is how well you can take care of it. Before you have your counter installed, you will want the professional to apply a stone sealant. The sealant will prevent granite and marble from absorbing water, oil and other liquids that may stain the counters. Next, you want to make sure to use cleaning products that are designed for your countertops. There are products that are made specifically for granite and marble that you can find.

Part of having granite & marble countertops that can last for years and retain their beauty is investing in regular maintenance. As long as you take care of your countertops, they will look as shiny and beautiful as they did when you first had them installed. As an added bonus, if your counters do suffer any chips or breaks, you can have them repaired, rather than fixing the entire countertop.